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  • Kev Mayger

    December 23, 2005 at 12:39 am

    Many thanks for all the support guys!!! I can’t say for legal reasons what i’ll be doing in the new year yet (watch this space), hopefully a bit of travelling, i may go back to Australia and see some freinds, Shane send me a mail & let me know where you are!!! after that who knows??? Me!!!. I CAN understand the position of the employer as outlined in previous posts but like i say i had/still have NO intention of upsetting the balance, i’ve been in the game too long to be going around causing grief because 9 times out of ten it comes back to haunt you. Alan, i might take you up on that offer of a cup of coffee i’ve still got your number & will get in contact in the new year.

    Many thanks for the meassages of support – it REALLY helps.