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  • Steve Dawson

    December 22, 2005 at 9:43 am

    AOL are getting crafty as well , they have devised there own drivers for supported broadband boxes , in other words , if you dont have one of there supported modems , you wont get full speed……

    Signs is secondary for me , mobile computer repairs to the domestic the market is my full time bit , although its not very busy at the moment , i have had 2 jobs so far that i have installed a recommended modem , downloaded aol’s drivers , and get 4 times the speed back again….

    I think i know why they have done it …

    AOL push themselves out to people with little knowledge of pc’s in my mind…

    Therfore probably get a lot of support calls

    there support center cant handle every make of router out there , so they limit you to a few , and just to make sure you only use the recommended – the routers need there driver to connect to AOL at full speed..

    All makes there job easier , and they probably have good deals with the modem suppliers for doing this…

    they are also less likely to have people giving up and closing there account with AOL because they cant help with setting up a “jo bloggs” router…..