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  • Hugh Potter

    December 22, 2005 at 9:36 am

    if anyone has too much, just pass it over here !! not had a job since last weds (well nowt proper) as the guy who’s two trucks were gonna get done is messing me about, he knew i’d do em, and do him a good price, but after sendign the quote heard nowt even though we’d pretty much agreed the quote wasn’t required, i sent text, messages, personal messages thru my brother, each explaining that i needed to hear as my supplier was closing for xmas, nothin…… he phoned me yesterday to tell me he wanted the job doing now, could i go over today… me….”sorry chief, supplier closed for xmas 4days ago, thats why i was trying to get you so urgently, not got your colours in stock cos i didnt hear from you, wont be able to do the trucks now til 2nd week of jan, and the vinyl price has just gone up 10% as of 1st jan”

    he coughed and grumbled, but screw him, dont need jobs like this ! everythings a rush with this guy until you’re ready to go, and then ya have to wait around on him,

    oh well, be glad when things get back to normal !

    have a good one all !