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  • Shane Drew

    December 22, 2005 at 6:31 am

    All very strange mate.

    Sorry to hear that it has gone sour and all.

    My sister is admin manager of a company with over 250 staff.

    Most are on work contracts like yourself.

    If you notify them that you intend to leave at a given date, they will often review if you are needed and if not, will pay the person out to leave early.

    I’d be asking for my money upfront for the end of december personally.

    The general thinking is that as the person is leaving, productivity will decrease pretty quickly as the resignation date gets closer, the person leaving could cause discontent (ie ‘can’t wait till I get out of here coz my new job pays better’) with the staff that are staying and so forth.

    But, they should pay you out on the day that you leave. If you are still on their books I don’t see why they frog marched you out of the building.

    Unless your labour laws are different there of course.