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  • David Rowland

    December 20, 2005 at 11:48 am

    to break ADSL broadband down in a nutshell, its like choosing your gas supplier, all the technical stuff is actually done by BT. Once you pay your setup costs (typically £50-60 as charged to the provider by BT), you are on. I am with Eclipse (business) and I pay for a slower 512Kb connection but it is not shared-out as much (less contention).

    So, all our signals are carried over BT equipment and networks and then appear in a data centre (say london docklands), then it is down to how well they are setup and manage their computers for email etc. I use eclipse as the email limits are more flexible, a lot of providers cap email at 10mb which is poor for PDF/EPS files etc.

    AOL however are the ‘odd suckers out’. All the traffic is diverted to America and they run heavy spam filters etc., it is geared towards kids/parental control really. I know two businesses that get screwed around with AOL email, firstly the AOL email system is just poor, it is difficult to connect to real email programs like Outlook etc., sending files can sometimes vanish and I know a courier company in the South East that lost a lot of business due to AOL rejecting all email from “”. etc. Once a bad email comes through, it blocks everyone else on Wanadoo.

    The most ‘sensible’ way of connecting the office to the internet is to get a router, these little things help keep unwanted ‘hackers’ outside of your office and allows you to share internet between multiple computers. You then can think twice about what ‘norton’ type programs you use on your computer, using a good internet provider like Eclipse, they scan all email for dangerous junk and filter best possible, so in theory you are safe online.

    As long as you keep Windows Updated, you should never really have a failing computer and you don’t need all these Norton-type programs as it just slows your computer down a touch.

    So, my advice for choosing internet provider, is look fown the list and read any comments from and base you decisions on that.