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  • Shane Drew

    December 17, 2005 at 2:36 am
    quote Lynn:

    Shane totally agree about this community, feels like family or better still good freinds, and I respect you and your veiws. Do you not have any places like this in australia? I all ready said all the best to Bill and Cal seems redundant as they won’t see it but I’m sure they will know :lol1:


    Thanks Lynn, local sign forums in OZ are rare, as we don’t seem to have the same helpful attitiude that you have here.

    We have a ‘client only site’ for Australian Graphic Supplies. the local Oracal distributor here in Qld & NSW, which may spread to other states as time goes on, but on a whole, few aussie sign co’s are as helpful to each other as you experience on UKSB’s.

    There are a fair few aussies members here on UKSB’s, but only a small number contribute, which is a shame as we have some very talented sign people here too.

    Perhaps they may get more involved next year 😉

    Sorry to hijack the thread. 😳