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  • Carrie Brown

    December 16, 2005 at 3:24 pm

    Congrats to both again …. Ive already told them that though but hey no harm in saying it again !! 😀 We just have to wait for the piccie now … I like to see piccies!! 😉 :lol1: 😀 We cant make the party same as others here cant but I am sure they will have a great day!!

    Im pretty sure the majority of members here who remember/know Dewi are still in touch with him and are up to date on everything anyway, he has a phone attached to his ear permanently remember or his fingers on the keyboard!! My ears have never been the same you know :lol1:

    Im not sure why anyone would think that mentioning it would put any cat amongst any pigeons here? At the end of the day if members choose to leave or want to be unregistered and feel they are happier elsewhere then fair enough. We are all also very well aware that not everyone can get on with everyone …. thats just life … its how you chose to deal with it though … whether you have to make constant digs about old news or just get on with stuff. I dont think he gets mentioned that much here anymore just because he’s not here … out of sight out of mind I suppose … it would be the same if I or anyone else left tomorrow … hopefully some of you might miss me for a bit (I hope) but with new news and life moving on you would obviously not feel the need to talk about me everyday?

    Anyway Im babbling on a bit now … its just that I dont understand the whole issue that has arose when in reality theres not really an “issue”. I dont think anyone here has a problem, its just a shame that it seems to be rumoured or portrayed that we all do and almost have to feel that we have to select a side? I come here because I like it here, I like the members … you are all fab, I have a good laugh, I get pi$$ed off sometimes too but crikey dont we all. Ive got to know some really great people through here, the information everyone is willing to share is great, so overall Im a happy happy bunny 😀

    I hope Ive made sense … or Ive just made things a hundred times worse 😕 :lol1: