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  • Mark Shipley

    October 10, 2005 at 2:16 pm

    There are times when I’m tempted to put these signs up!

    I have two dogs – English springer spaniels, and I clean up each and every time, and from two dogs that’s a lot of you know what!

    It only takes one person to not pick up and it gives all responsible dog owners a bad name (:)

    One thing that really gets on my bits is this …. people, tourists and fishermen come to enjoy the views across the estuary in South Lakeland looking over towards the hills of the Lake District and they think nothing of throwing their tea bags, yogurt pots, cigarette packets, banana skins, pop tins etc. into the estuary – I wonder if they’d enjoy the view if it were of a refuse site?

    The daft thing is, there’s a rubbish bin – on the other side of road! Must be too far to walk.

    Rant over with 😮