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  • Scam cold calling " Meter regisration company"

  • Iain George

    October 28, 2019 at 4:32 pm

    Has anyone else been hasseled by these depraived scum of the earth. I am due to be moving into a shop premises soon and posted on social media that I am doing so at no stage have i dissclosed the address of the new premises. I know that these things are in the public eye and people do use them for their own gain but today has been beyond a joke.

    I have had over 30 call from a company claiming to be " The Meter Regisrtation Company" and that my current supplier of my new premises have informed them that I am moving in, here they quote the full postal address including post code which I don’t even know myself yet, and that unless I register the meter with them the power will be cut off. Once registered they can secure me the best elecrticity deal availble for me.

    I know this to be untrue as I am managed to get an all in deal with the landlord for the electricty so there is no change of names or suppliers required.

    The first 3 times I had the calls I explained this and they assured me that my number has been removed. After 10 calls, now from mobiles, landlines and No caller ID, my response was getting a little more agressive. Each time I received a call I blocked the number yet they seem to have an endless supply!!!!

    I have to admit the most recent caller received both barrels of full on abuse and they actually replied using the same language and claimed that the calls will not stop and that I will get no piece.

    The most recent call was answered by my wife wich threw the person at the other end completley as they were about to just abuse me.

    He then started the patter claiming to be the meter registratery service and that he was called Darren. My wife then asked for his company details and to confirm his name. He said they are the registrary service and he is called GLYNN. The wife the questioned why he changed his name and where they got the phone number from and that it is registered on thr TCP. He called her a ( I swore there) lying ( female dog) and hung up.

    Now I am a placid man normally but abusing my wife in this way has this has got me proper worked up and if anyone knows of a way to back trace a phone number or find the actual physical office of these guys………………………….

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