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  • Rebating Acrylic Letters

  • Mohsen Hajebrahimi

    October 12, 2020 at 1:47 pm

    Hello Dears

    I need to rebate edges of the letters using my Festool 1400 EBQ-plus router

    the material I need to rebate is 5 mm & 3 mm thickness of Acrylic and I need to rebate by 1mm & 2mm deep and 1mm & 2mm into from the edges

    what would be the best router bit to use for that purpose please?

    Also I need a basic router table if you have any recommendation for that as well!

    just to mention that letters are in different shapes as I’m sure you know that (like sharp 90 degrees, 15 degrees 25 degrees and so on)

    I just said that to specify that the router bit needs to be very fine

    I’d appreciate your help and advice



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