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  • Mix the Two, MAX the Potential: Workflow Solution for under 100k

    Posted by .News on January 21, 2020 at 3:13 am

    printMAX are delighted to announce the launch of an exclusive ‘Workflow Bundle.’ This ultimate production combination is comprised of the Mimaki JFX200-2513 LED-UV flatbed printer and the Summa F1612 flatbed cutter. Paired for productivity, printMAX are offering the chance to acquire the two machines for under £100k or from just £67* per day.

    This offer presents an opportunity to create a controlled, efficient workflow at a more affordable price – making for a practical investment in the best technology. The idea behind this solution is to make it more financially viable for companies to step up to higher production levels.

    Signs of The Times Magazine recently published an article on finishing solutions emphasising the problem that many businesses face.

    “After investing a sizable chunk of change in a flatbed UV printer, the last thing you want to hear is that you need one more thing to get the most out of it. … The solution is the now well- established finishing machine.”

    Having spent the majority of their budget on either a flatbed printer or cutter, many soon realise that they then need to buy the other to maximise their business potential. printMAX’s ‘Workflow Bundle’ provides a justifiable solution – meaning there no longer needs to be a choice between a flatbed cutter or a flatbed printer. Businesses can now afford to bring in both at once, resulting in a faster return on investment and greater productivity with no compromise.

    Furthermore, the superiority of both Mimaki and Summa’s technology is renowned, which renders this bundle as an extremely compelling proposition for those looking to expand print and cut capabilities without sacrificing machine quality or ability.

    Ideal for demanding production workflows, the award-winning JFX200-2513 LED-UV flatbed prints on boards up to 2,500mm x 1,300mm on an array of different substrates including acrylic, wood, glass, metal and Foamex – for signage solutions, hoarding boards, furniture, event displays and many more applications.

    The JFX200-2513 delivers unparalleled results to expand the potential for professional sign and graphics companies. A choice of inks, including white and clear, paired with the capability to print on almost anything means that this machine offers unlimited creative opportunities.

    Easy to use and with a compact footprint, the JFX200-2513 maximizes productivity by using industry standard-sized media and highly productive print speeds up to 25m2/h and 12.5m2/h with simultaneous white ink printing, resulting in increased quality and print speed. This award-winning LED-UV flatbed printer features innovative technology designed to drive business growth and maximise efficiency.

    This concept in further consolidated by bringing a Summa F Series in-house to work simultaneously, alongside the Mimaki JFX. Defined in Summa’s own words, the F-series represents ‘one machine, countless possibilities.’

    As a finishing solution, the F1612 opens up new realms of cutting and routing within a workflow, and also means that quality control is all in-house.

    Furthermore, this flatbed cutter goes above and beyond a standard CNC Router, its versatility unprecedented. With its multifunctional head, the Summa can hold up to 3 modules at once: A Drag Module, a High Torque Rotary Module and a CNC Routing Module – resulting in a multitude of functions under one umbrella.

    The Standard Routing Module on the Summa F Series has a 1kw motor, capable of handling the rigid substrates compatible with the JFX200-2513. Furthermore, with Summa’s accomplished background in vinyl cutting, the F Series cutter makes light work of all types of media, without compromising on quality. The High-Frequency Router is equipped with a high-frequency spindle and a greater power output, which results in faster processing speeds and a smoother finish. Furthermore, it is pneumatically controlled and can be replaced manually in a quick and simple fashion, maximising productivity when processing harder substrates such as acrylics and wood.

    As finishing technology like the Summa becomes more advanced, efficient and now affordable as a part of the Workflow Bundle; it renders out-sourcing such services as slow, futile and expensive. The ability to have the JFX printing while the Summa is cutting, creates a highly economical workflow, wasting no time and maximising output. Furthermore, it enables a business to have more flexibility and control when managing jobs. Consequently, there is no need to involve a third party which, in turn, results in businesses being able to have faster processing times and retain a greater proportion of profits.

    printMAX’s Workflow Bundle presents those within the Sign & Graphics Industry with the opportunity to maximise growth, offer more and increase production at a far more feasible cost.

    The combination of both the Mimaki JFX200-2513 and the Summa F1612 for under £100k is a revolutionary offer for businesses who face the problem of choosing between flatbed print and cut technology. Essentially, the question remains; Why have one when you can now have both?

    For more information on the Workflow Bundle, to request a Demo or to speak to a member of the printMAX team –
    call: 01420 511539
    or visit

    *Terms & Conditions
    • Delivery, installation and training available in UK Mainland only
    • Price subject to initial demonstration with printMAX
    • Price excludes VAT
    • Finance rates subject to underwriting
    • Offer valid until 28th February 2020

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