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  • Laminating prints from HP Printer, issues! HELP!

     Hugh Potter updated 6 months ago 4 Members · 5 Posts
  • Ryan McHenry

    November 11, 2020 at 11:40 am

    Hi guys, hopefully someone can help.

    I’m having a bitter sweet relationship with our HP Latex 315

    When laminating prints which have an inconsistent ink coverage across the width of the vinyl, the vinyl buckles as its going through the laminator. (pics attached of the finished result) If the print has a uniformed colour or ink coverage it laminates without any problems.

    Is this a common problem, I cant find any topics on it but find it hard to believe Im the only one.

    We have an easymount cold laminator, we’ve struggled with this for almost 2 full years now.

    Any help appreciated.



  • Jean Oakley

    November 12, 2020 at 4:50 pm

    Have you tried not tightening the rollers so much? might just be the tensions wrong

  • Robert Lambie

    November 12, 2020 at 10:12 pm

    I would doubt that has anything to do with the HP printer ink output, other than if your Metamark vinyl is of a budget range of theirs and is reacting to the heating/drying/curing temperature of the printer. In turn, causing a very gradual wave or distortion of the vinyl. I have seen this happen on certain types of polyester print materials like roll-up stand material such as hydrasol, but not with vinyl as such.

    Could it be the print vinyl or the lamination vinyl being cold before you laminate?
    By that I mean, if there is a very gradual wave over the material due to being cool or cold. then you try laminating it, that tiny wave over the length of the print can cause puckering or pinching of the materials, resulting in creases like that.

    I am guessing all this of course, but if you have suffered this for a couple of years, you really need to shortlist the possible issues and strike each one-off till you find a solution or you are pretty much spinning a roulette wheel on all your print jobs, day to day!

    This is “my guess” and it is based only on the photos you have submitted.
    Do you store your rolls of print vinyl on their end on a cold floor?
    If you do, and in particular, you don’t stand them on a plastic roll end spool. Your roll end, that’s nearest the floor gets very cold and if the floor’s stone. the cold moisture can affect the paper backing of the liner. NOT something you can see of course, but you now have a sort of damp end to the roll of vinyl.

    Now you stick that roll of digital vinyl into the HP Latex machine where the temp is about 100+ degrees depending on the profile. and that end of the roll with the cold or damp paper will dry but also very slightly distort as it passes through the machine. to the naked eye, it looks fine. but once you sandwich the vinyl between the laminator rollers under pressure and it travels through the machine. that tiny distortion from the cold or damp liner just creases and warps as it progresses through the machine.

    Anyway, just some more things to consider that might be the reason.
    Please let us know if you have any luck on improving this.

  • Ryan McHenry

    November 13, 2020 at 10:03 am

    Thanks for replies guys!

    Rob, thanks for the info. You have a few things for me to try there. We have a wall rack for vinyls although through laziness they sometimes get stood on their ends, but we do put them onto a plastic roll end.

    Ive attached a couple of scenarios, one of them is guaranteed to laminate properly and the other one is guaranteed to fail, printed same time, same environment, same vinyl etc which is why I think the ink is altering the vinyl or backing paper in some way.

    The metamark is MD100b although Ive been trying different vinyls/brands and all have this problem, even polymerics but not anywhere near as bad.

    • Hugh Potter

      November 14, 2020 at 6:23 pm

      Hi Ryan,

      OK, Problem No.1 is the MD100, it has a craft liner and reacts to the heat – I bet you can never get an accurate contour cut when using it for labels, right?

      I have the earlier L26500 but I suspect I’m correct.

      1) switch to the MDL100 – it’s still a basic short term monomeric film, and it costs more but your contour issues will cease for one.

      2) turn the heat down on it, I tend to use the MD3 profile for it but, it has a cure setting of 115°C!! turn that down to around 102 ish. You shouldn’t need more than that to cure any ink load.

      If using MD100, then it’s really only for flat panel floods like site boards etc. it’s our budget option. I only use it in short runs too, maybe 8×4 panel floods, those I laminate half and half with a section of lam cut to fit.

      It’s rare I do any large print jobs with MDL100 also. I can’t ever recall doing roll to roll on it.

      Metamark MD5… I use this as my go to polymeric, on smaller pieces I will usually cut lam to fit and apply 50/50. If I am doing roll to roll then I have the take up and the laminate VERY LOOSE on the spindles, you don’t need tension there. On shorter runs of up to 5-6mtr I’ll usually hold the print feed and and tension on the roll in hand. For larger runs I mount the roll on a spindle below the front, pull it up over the bottom roller and attach to the take up, it is essential that the loaded roll of media is square and tensioned up well, I usually make sure to have a few feet of blank media to feed through, ensure the laminate is square to the media too.

      Once you’re going you shouldn’t have any buckling issues but, if you do, I tend the take the media spool from it’s holder and walk back to let around a mtr out, keep it tensioned in your grip and the buckle seems to just vanish.

      I’ve never found a perfect way (after 5yrs!) but the above is about as good as it gets. I rarely have issues these days… except for that super nasty wrap laminate which is like clingfilm and has the integrity of warm chewing gum… hate it hate it hate it!

      oh yes… ensure not to wind the rollers down too tight, that causes it 100%. I’d rather a bit of silvering that buckling film. so.. rollers ‘just’ tight enough, media spindle… tight, laminate and take up spindles… loose!

      • This reply was modified 6 months ago by  Hugh Potter.

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