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  • Black reflective hunt and some wrap reflective

     Vic Adair updated 11 months, 2 weeks ago 2Members · 3 Posts
  • Chris Wilson

    February 7, 2020 at 7:12 pm

    Happy Friday evening all.

    I have 2 reflective questions hopefully someone will have the answer to.

    Number one:
    Am in the hunt for a black reflective that turns silver when your at an angle to it. Straight on it looks like a very dark grey, almost black, but no specs in it. I didn’t believe the customer when he told me. But after putting it on the sun and some head bobbing he is 100% right. The rest of the van has been done in 3M. So am thinking it might be a 3M vinyl. Attached a photo of the van. Got a few to do and fair bit of plant so would be nice to match.

    Second question which comes with 2 questions.
    First up I have another customer that has had big white emblems put on the side of there van in reflective. Company doing it before have tried to heat it on the recesses, which of course of popping out now and breaking.
    Is there a wrap reflective film that’s it
    Going to cost £75 a meter or whatever it is? I know you get the printable stuff. But obviously they don’t want to spend £100’s more than the rest of the fleet, which leads me to question 2.

    I suggested we put the reflective on and cut out the recess using knifeless tape. Has anyone done this? And if so did you using the string or the wire cut? I don’t want to get a clean cut for most of it and then right at the end get little flakes of reflective coming off/tears etc..

    Could do it from the template and cut on the machine but it’s never 100% and these vans are being down 100 miles away in a barn.


  • Hugh Potter

    February 7, 2020 at 10:35 pm

    That’s a lot of questions!!

    Black reflective… there are a few about, 3m do one that’s used on the AA vans but its stupid expensive from memory – has air-release tech. William Smith prob do it. Alternatively Oracal do oralite 5600 black reflective, very good, fairly conformable but super sticky!

    I think Allprint also do a black reflective, they used to do 5R which was exceptional but that was discon’d 10yrs ago, they have an alternative now I’m sure.

    3m 780mc is a printable reflective wrap film, horrifically expensive (like £48 a mtr + vat) and you can only buy full or half kit bundles. I keep it in for one customer who buys a half kit up front and uses about half on their fleet, so i can print stuff if you need some.

    Arlon I think do a printable reflective too now. no doubt similarly priced.

    don’t think wrap-cut would cut it, wire probably but I’d be tempted to template it and just print it onto oracal oralite 5600 and contour to fit the panel 😉

  • Vic Adair

    February 10, 2020 at 4:51 pm

    Try using electrical tape on the contours and apply the reflective over this then cut the reflective on top of the electrical tape, not cutting tape, and pull the tape out and press the reflective down. Check that the reflective doesn’t stick to the tape first.

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