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  • unrecognized cartridge error

    Posted by Deleted User on June 2, 2002 at 7:02 am

    Ive got a novajet pro 42E and Im getting an unrecogniszed cartidge error.even after Ive replaced the cartiridges with new ones.
    As anyone had the same problem and overcome it?
    If so Id really like to know.
    john Crowe

    Andrew Blackett replied 22 years, 1 month ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies
  • Robert Lambie

    June 2, 2002 at 6:25 pm

    Sorry mate i am unfamiliar with these types of printers. Maybe some of the others can help you sorry. 😳

  • Andrew Blackett

    June 2, 2002 at 7:18 pm

    hi John,

    Just pulled this out of the novajet manual, I don’t have one of these myself but it may help. Off the record, on our colorcamm we sometimes get cartridge error when the machine is looking for cartridge but it isn’t installed. For example if I set a job up using spot blue but neglet to install the cartridge (yes it has happened!) it just stops. You have I take it installed all the necesary cartridges for the job?? … nition.pdf

    you may of already tried it but you never know it may work

    (If it appears I’m out of my depth I’m sorry, just trying to help!)

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