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  • David Wilde

    July 9, 2020 at 11:21 am

    We got the VG2 recently. I believe the only real difference between the two is the ink set up as the VG2 has orange.

    I stand to be corrected on that though.

    If this is the case however, it might be of interest to know that the VG2 is the cleanest solvent printer I have come across, we clean it weekly still but are going through the motions. Print quality is excellent and the colours remarkable. I would request a print from both machines though to compare though as the afore mentioned ink set up might affect this. The gassing off time is said to be shorter if using Avery vinyls, Roland claim as little as 6 hours. We are yet to test this though.

    We also run a Latex machine mainly for efficiency, instant curing allowing immediate laminating/mounting.

    Hope this helps.