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  • RobertLambie

    September 25, 2021 at 3:02 pm

    there are various cast fluorescent types of vinyl on the go but conforming to the surface is one thing, the big problem with fluorescent has always been the colour stability over time.
    Although they are cast, I don’t know of any that are actually classed as a “vehicle wrapping film” by the manufacturer.
    The colour is coated onto white vinyl and “some” even come with a clear coat/film UV stabiliser on top to help increase the colour life, but even that is only 2 years.
    I am pointing this out only because I have been asked to wrap cars in Day-Glo / fluorescent and knocked them back.

    an issue I would see with wrapping using a fluorescent/Day-Glo vinyl is “colour shift” when stretching it. because of the vibrant strong colour, when stretched you will get a bleached change in colour, getting lighter the further it is stretched.

    As you are doing chevrons, I don’t really see the colour life being an issue because every fluorescent suffers from this issue. it’s a bit different when you have a guy in a top-end BMW complaining the bonnet and roof is a different shade to the sides of his car after 6 months to a year!
    Depending on the depth of the machine rear back ballast, you will probably not get the vinyl 60 inches deep. (i could be wrong) but I reckon the widest roll will be 48 inches. these issues really only apply if you are doing the back ballast of the machines due to the size and shape.

    All this said, your real issue when it comes to wrapping chevrons will be the conformability of the reflective. there are reflective digital wrapping films but your costs are just going to keep going up. whilst solid colour reflective normally need cut to accommodate the curvature of the vehicle etc. so in one hand you manage to wrap in fluorescent, but then have to lay the red in, in reflective sections.

    I have attached some pictures of the rear of a machine done as a kit. (this is not one of my machines)
    You will see it is completely done as a pieced kit, which is certainly a clever way to do it, but these will have been created from a 3D hand scanner or someone digitising the rear from photos etc. which takes a hell of a lot of time to get right! but worth it if doing loads of vehicles.

  • Jason Kelly

    September 28, 2021 at 11:06 am


    Thanks for all the info.



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